April 29, 2012

MAC Foundation

Hey everyone! So the other day I was shopping at the mall with one of my best friend and we stopped by the MAC store...(makeup not Apple!).  I have never really purchased anything from them just because I think it's a little expensive and I want to be absolutely 100% sure it'll work for me before I get it and I usually just end up getting products from Sephora.  Well anyway, I was looking at their foundations and realized that they are cheaper than what I use. So it got me thinking, maybe I should try it? What do you guys think? I should probably go online and do some more research before I buy any but I really want to try it! Plus it's MAC...the make-up God!

What do you all think about false lashes? Maybe not Kim Kardashian lashes where they're a billion miles long, but some of the shorter ones that they have at MAC? I believe they were only $15!!!! Now that I will probably end up trying...who knows!

That's all for now! Comment below, e-mail me, or tweet me if you have used and MAC products and tell me what you thought!


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