May 3, 2012


Yes I am going to dedicate an entire blog post on a fruit. Why? Because I really enjoy eating bananas. Matter of fact I just ate one and the banana peel is laying next to me. Mmmm...yumm! I know bananas are good for you but I personally wanted to know more, such as what exactly do they do for you? Good question right? Yes! I'm sure many of you are just as unaware as I am about the health benefits so I went ahead and did some research and I'm going to tell you more about bananas. Sorry for the poor web cam quality photo!

Bananas are full of vitamins and minerals that provide natural and healthy energy. So instead of eating a chocolate bar or downing a cup of coffee, eat a banana! Eating two bananas will give you enough energy to workout for almost an hour and a half, oh my! They have a chemical called tryptophan that helps regulate your moods and keep you happy. GIRLS-bananas help you period pains!! Hungover? Eat a banana, it will calm your stomach. They prevent high blood pressure and help keep your eyesight as you get older. STRONG BONES!  I know some people like mushy bananas but I personally like buying them when they are still a little green, this is because I do not like soft fruit, but of course this is a personal preference.  Please don't eat too many bananas, my daddy did this once when he was a little boy and he still gets nauseous when he's around them!

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