May 23, 2012

iPhone Swag

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a little, these last few weeks have been very hectic since they're my last weeks of high school!! Ahhh! Haha so I've been busy "studying" for finals and just spending a lot of time with my friends and making it last.  I was actually at the park messing around with my friends when something awful happened. What was this awful thing??? I broke my phone!
Yes, I had places my BlackBerry in my pocket and went jumping around on rocks (don't ask...) and it fell out and fell...right...on...a...rock...and the screen shattered.  However my contract was up at the phone store and my family offered to pay for a new phone so I went ahead and got the iPhone 4s.
Don't get me wrong, I love Apple and iPhones and they have amazing products and some features are totally cool but I miss my BlackBerry! The battery life was longer, I could text without looking at the screen and it didn't eat up data like a crazy monster! But besides that everything else it awesome, especially the app store, which is a major upgrade from BlackBerry's App World.

A little off topic but my cat threw up under my bed, isn't that lovely?!? I wish I knew how to clean it up from under there. Oh well, I'll figure it out!

Also off topic, I'll be gone for the next three weeks, I'm going on a trip to France and probably won't be able to write and post but as soon as I get back I'll definitely write again!

Much love,
<3 AliP

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