January 31, 2011

Waxing, Twitter, Celebrities

Hey you guys!

Do you like the different font? I personally like Arial more but if not just comment or email me or tweet me about it and I can either change it or always use this font.

So today...or yesterday if you're reading this on Monday when I post it...well on Sunday I went to get my eyebrows waxed and OMGHHFWJF it killed! I was soo shocked because I try to get them done once every month or every two months and it usually doesn't hurt but this time I was almost crying.  I think the roots of my eyebrow hairs started bleeding cause the lady kept spraying water and patting my eyebrows. I don't think thats normal! I always like the feeling of getting my eyebrows waxed and for some reason I feel like I've posted this before...let me check...guess not but I swear I did. Do you guys get anything waxed? I would wanna try to get my bikini line waxed but I'm too scared. Can you be any age to get it done or do you have to be 18 or with a parent? Hmm...maybe I should call and ask, yeah I think I'll do that.

Now to Twitter, right now I only have 5 followers...it's kinda sad. I wanna do something to get more but I have no idea what! Any suggestions? If you're reading my blogs and you have a Twitter-GO FOLLOW ME @AliParker16 and if you don't have a Twitter....MAKE one! They're soo addicting.

How do you feel about celebrities? I think that I have no idea what to think! Sometimes I adore them and other times I'm just like "what were you thinking." I think its great for people to have a role model but if you look at what they do and try to be like them then you forget who you really are. Especially if you're following clothing trends. When you see what you're favorite celebrity is wearing and you want the same exact jacket or shirt or shoes or whatever and when you find it and look at the price its like WHAT!!! $100 for a plain white shirt??!?!?!?! CRAZYYYY! But I don't know, I follow some celebrities on Twitter and the things they say can be soo random.

Do you guys like these kind of posts where it's very random or do you like more structured ones where I talk about one topic? Tweet me some ideas for my blog and I can write about it. You can even e-mail me some personal stories that I could publish on here but I would change the names to make it private or something like that! Maybe I could do a what did I do today blog?

See you later,
<3 AliP

January 23, 2011

Fairly Legal-Review

Hey you guys!
So who here watches USA? I personally love Burn Notice, Royal Pains, and Covert Affairs. Well then again I like spy movies and FBI stuff...is that normal for a girl to like that? Hmm..oh well I like it. Anyway a new show premiered on Thursday of last week called Fairly Legal and it's about this lady, Kate Reed, who used to be a lawyer at her father's firm but after he passed away she quit being a lawyer and became a mediator. Well in the pilot she has an ex-husband who she isn't seeing but sometimes has to because of both his connections and I think that they still like each other, but in the pilot they woke up in the same bed so who knows where that'll take us. And then there's her step-mom who Kate doesn't like because she married Kate's father. But the thing I like most about this show (no it isn't the fact that Kate goes running around the city in Christian Louboutins) but on her cell phone she named her family as characters from the Wizard of Oz and matched them up with music from the movie. So her step-mom was the Wicked Witch and her dad was Oz, and her brother was the Scarecrow, I think....and so on...

Well now to the part where I tell you what I thought of it. I'm not really sure if I like it or not, pilots are never really that great anyway but I think I'm going to watch the next few episodes and then decide if I'm into it or not. But maybe I do like it? Ehhh I'm not sure!

<3 AliP

January 10, 2011

New Years Resolution/Working Out/Eating Healthy

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: BE HEALTHIER...(isn't this everyones?)
I don't know about you guys but I personally hate working out. Just the thought of it makes me sick (not literally but yeah). But I know that I have to do it and it basically stinks. For those of you wondering what are some great ways to stay active and healthy here are some I enjoy doing. Over the summe I play tennis a few times a week and lets just say that OMG do I get in great shape from it! Why I don't stick with it throughout the year, I'm not really sure but I just don't get motivated. These days I've been running, not alot, but a mile a day and each week I add half a mile. I also do crunches, but the way I do them is weird. Normally you count from the first crunch but I start counting from when it starts hurting. Is that weird? I dunno, I think it's weird but it helps!
I've been changing my eating habits too. I've always ate alot of veggies but now I eat them even more. When I come home from school I grab some celery and peanut butter and eat it as a snack. Carrots are with ranch or peanut butter or guacamole is good too. Drink LOTS of water. Water is basically all I drink, no juice or soda or anything, well I drink green tea as well but besides that its basically only water. I did break my new No Soda rule this weekend because I had some friends over, but you can cut something out of your life immediately it needs to be a gradual process. Same with working out, don't push your self right away and DON'T FORGET TO STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!

See you next week,
<3 AliP