January 10, 2011

New Years Resolution/Working Out/Eating Healthy

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: BE HEALTHIER...(isn't this everyones?)
I don't know about you guys but I personally hate working out. Just the thought of it makes me sick (not literally but yeah). But I know that I have to do it and it basically stinks. For those of you wondering what are some great ways to stay active and healthy here are some I enjoy doing. Over the summe I play tennis a few times a week and lets just say that OMG do I get in great shape from it! Why I don't stick with it throughout the year, I'm not really sure but I just don't get motivated. These days I've been running, not alot, but a mile a day and each week I add half a mile. I also do crunches, but the way I do them is weird. Normally you count from the first crunch but I start counting from when it starts hurting. Is that weird? I dunno, I think it's weird but it helps!
I've been changing my eating habits too. I've always ate alot of veggies but now I eat them even more. When I come home from school I grab some celery and peanut butter and eat it as a snack. Carrots are with ranch or peanut butter or guacamole is good too. Drink LOTS of water. Water is basically all I drink, no juice or soda or anything, well I drink green tea as well but besides that its basically only water. I did break my new No Soda rule this weekend because I had some friends over, but you can cut something out of your life immediately it needs to be a gradual process. Same with working out, don't push your self right away and DON'T FORGET TO STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!

See you next week,
<3 AliP

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