December 22, 2010

Ideas on What to Blog About

Heyy! Please e-mail me at with ideas on what YOU would like me to blog about because I honestly don't know. So tell me what you think&I will definitetly blog bout it.
Things to blog bout:
books, more about boys, what I got for christmas, friend drama...
Just tell me what you would like to hear or I guess read abotu!

Forever with Love,

December 18, 2010

Short Update

So winter break has started and I'm going to be spending it with family and friends so if I slack off DONT GET MAD!!!


December 13, 2010

Bruno Mars Review

So here's another review over an album. Tell me if you like it when I do reviews!  So Bruno Mars has such a real voice its incredible.  Its very natural and acoustic and oodisjfsoaijfodasjo ijOIJ!!!!!!!!!!!  Hehe so his album Doo - Wosp & Hooligans is nice.  It may be a little slow for some people but I enjoy it.  The songs are super relatable and have a meaning behind them. If you like dancing and party songs then you won't like this but if you like everything or don't have a preference then you'll like this too.

Favorite Song? GRENADE!! Totally cute!
Just the way you are is beautiful as well

<3 AliP

December 6, 2010

Dear Pre-Calc

Let's just say I hate strongly dislike pre-calculus. I don't even understand what we're doing in class. Oh wait! I'm not even sure what chapter we're on.....Its chapter 4 (TRIGONOMETRY???!?!?) GAH!

I really doubt that I'm going to need to know what the sin of pi is two coterminal angles of -5pi/6. How about which quadrant 11pi/8.  And that's just the "easy" stuff! Try graphing y=2sin(.5x-pi/4) HAH I don't think so!

Who else is taking pre-calc and is having trouble? Because i'm pretty sure I'm not the only one on the borderline of FAILINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG that class! And the sad thing is I got an A in Algebra 2 last year and now I have a .....61%

Later ladies!
<3 AliP