April 21, 2012

Little About Me

The other day I was thinking hmmm...I should do some for of those TAG type blog posts.  It is where one person answers questions or something and then tags everyone else to do it and they do the same thing but differently....That isn't a good explanation but they have them all over Youtube and I did it with the iPod Shuffle Game. But anyway I was trying to find something and I found a quick one where you learn a little more about someone and I thought you all would enjoy it! In this one you answer the question by adding a photo from Google Images, so here it goes and I hope you enjoy it!

1. Age On Your Next Birthday

2. Place I Would Like to Visit 

3. Favorite Place


4. Favorite Object 

5. Favorite Food   (Anything from Noodles)

6. Favorite Color 

7. Favorite Animal

8. Name of Past Pet  - Kapa

And this is where I got really bored and annoyed and decided to stop showing photos and just type it out!

9. Where I Live -USA
10. 1st Grade Teacher- Mrs. Cooper
11. Bad Habit - Biting Nails and Picking Split Ends
12. College Major - Premed
13. Favorite Holiday- Christmas

I am quite the slacker! Check in soon for another post!

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