April 22, 2012

Pinterest and Skinnytaste

Hey everyone so lately I have been obsessing over Pinterest. Well okay, who hasn't? If you don't know what Pinterest is its best to avoid it because you will become.......ADDICTED.....haha just kidding!

Basically what Pinterest is, is a website (duh!) with pictures that you can post and pin that you like.  There are different categories such as Hair and Beauty, Cars, Fitness, Travel, Architecture, Food, etc, etc, etc.  Well one day at school I was hungry and bored so I went ahead and logged on and went straight to the food category.  I was drooling and pinning recipes that I wanted to make and I came across one recipe that had a link to skinnytaste.com. Naturally I clicked on it because it had both skinny and taste in it, I mean who doesn't want to be skinny while eating tasteful food? Well what I didn't know was that this website is AMAZING! It has sooo many different recipes that range from breakfast to dinner to dessert to drinks to whatever you may think off! Best of all it has step by step pictures as well as instructions and ingredient lists and a place where others may comment and talk about the recipe.  I think I've written down 90% of those recipes into a I NEED TO TRY list. EVERONE needs to visit this website, It's incredible! I can't even put into words how nice it is and how in love I am with it!  Here's the direct link to it Skinnytaste.

I hope everyone has a great week and until next time!

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