August 13, 2010

Save or Splurge?!?!?

I like designer clothes. We all do. But they cost an arm and a leg. Not cool designers. So what should we splurge on and what should we not?

**NOTE: I work my butt of just to but all of my clothes (yes my parents buy it sometimes but normally I have to pay)

Jeans/pants- SPLURGE. I LOVE my designer jeans. I feel like they are better quality and fit better on you (me in this case). However my jeans range from American Eagle to Abercrombie and Fitch to Lucky Brand Jeans to 7 for All Mankind to True Religion and Rock and Republic. So I have some regular brand jeans and some high end stuff.

Tops- SAVE. Unlike jeans which never go out of style, shirts and tops are always changing and there is no point in spending 100s and 100s of dollars on one shirt and then a week later it isn't "in" anymore.

Makeup- SPLURGE. I used to buy drugstore makeup and by drugstore I mean Covergirl and Maybelline and so one. Actually I bought my makeup from there until just a few weeks ago when I went into Sephora and bought some new stuff for school. I think when it comes to your face you should spend some money just because you don't want to break out or have any irritations or other skin problems. Don't buy anything that you can't afford just because somebody else has it. If you can't pay $35 for foundation then please don't and save your money for something else.

Jewelry- SAVE/SPLURGE. Whyy both? I think everyone should have one or two nice pieces of jewelry for special occasions but for everyday use you should definitely save. Forever 21 has some good pieces as well as Macy's, Von Maur, and the BP (teenager section not the gas company!!) at Nordstrom's! Save on hair pieces too.

Shoes-EHH really depends on how you feel about spending money on shoes. I personally like good quality shoes like Nine West, Steve Madden, Puma, etc... and these all run around 45 and higher.

Lingerie-Like shoes spend as much as you feel comfortable spending. I buy all my underwear and bras at Victoria's Secret and nowhere else just because I am familiar with the company and it's located everywhere and they have good semi-annual sales!

Athletic Wear- I play tennis so I buy Nike and Addidas but if you aren't a competitive athlete then you can just splurge on one or two good pair of sneakers and be fine with that.

If you want to ask me about any other splurge/save comment or e-mail me!

<3 AliP


  1. r hollister jeans any good?

  2. They don't really fit me well but if you like them then go ahead!