August 12, 2010

Back to School

Hey everyone!

So Tuesday was the first day of school and I must say that I am exhausted! I wish it was Friday already! Hahhh! I know that many of you start school either this week or next or sometime in the next few weeks so I just wanted to give some ideas for back to school tips.

CLOTHES! If you live somewhere HOT like I do at the moment you want to wear shorts and a loose top. I wore American Eagle shorts and a top I got at Nordstrom's and sandals. I would suggest doing the same but based more on your own style.

MAKEUP! DO NOT CAKE ON FOUNDATION!! Trust me, NOBODY likes seeing orange faces and then it sweats off and looks bad! Put on just enough to cover and flaws and thats it! You don't need much. I would even suggest going on Youtube and searching juicystar07 and watching a few of her videos, I adore them and they are helpful.

BACKPACK OR PURSE? I use a backpack, I have the North Face Jester style in black and I have to admit that it's alright. I bought mine at Dick's Sporting Goods and it cost about $55 and in my location they gave you a $10 iTunes gift card if you spend over $49 on a backpack...which I did. I have the black one. I carry a lot of stuff so it's a bit small, I might take it back and buy a different one thats bigger.  My school is divided evenly on backpacks and bags, neither dominate so its like..yeah. Hah!  Freshman year of high school I carried around a Hollister Co. bag and I really liked it but my only problem was that it hurt my shoulders and I had to constantly change shoulders. So if you can't decide on which I would say try both a backpack and a bag and see which you like more.

That's all for now!
<3 AliP

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