August 8, 2010


Hey Everyone!
    Ali here. I just wanted to welcome everyone to the official Ali Parker Blog and give you a little background info! I'm Ali. I'm 16, going to be a junior in high school (almost done!!!!!). I have one annoying younger sister and 2 pets, a dog and a cat. I live with my parents but can't wait until I leave for college and get my own apartment! If you have any questions about me or anything feel free to email me at which is the email I created just for this blog and yeahhh....hah!! I'm a pretty random person, you'll notice later on.

    Sooo the reason I started this blog is because when I started high school and back when I was in middle school, I was completely lost, I didn't know what was in style and how to talk to boys that I liked and how to deal with friends who cause drama and problems and I didn't really have a place where I could go and get help on my specific situation and I've been wanting to start a website where girls can come and ask me or my friends for advice and help with their problems. (WOW long sentence).

    Anyway, I wanted this post to be pretty serious but as this goes on I'll add jokes and the whole whatever its called, Ahh I don't know! ALSO....if you want me to give you advice or anything just email me but I think every week or something I will sorta publish some of the stuff but I will keep you anonymous so don't worry!! You know in magazines they'll have names that would match the story like BrokenHeartedGirl or PartyProblem or you get the point but I'll most likely do that but if you don't want me to put your question up here just go ahead and say so.
    Well I have got to go for now, but I'll update later! Bye you guys.


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