July 13, 2012

France: Getting There

Hey! It has been over a month since I traveled to France and I am going to do a little blog series on my trip and I'll try doing a post base on the number of days I was there, so I was there for ten days and I'll do about ten posts, plus/minus a few depending on if I think it is necessary to add more information!

As much as I love traveling I hate being stinky and not being allowed to shower. If I can't shower and clean my self and wash my hair I become one of the moodiest people EVER! Well let's just say I don't think I showered for about 24-48 hours while getting to France.  We left in the evening around 8 pm to get to New York in time for our flight the next day.  Of course we decided to drive which wouldn't have been a problem if we drove an RV, why? Well RVs have showers but I'll get to that in a bit. I, being the perfect child, helped my parents with the 12 or so hour drive from where I live. A few hours into the drive we stopped at a McDonald's to grab a bite. Now I am probable one of the few people who doesn't like McDonald's or fast food in general, there's something about it that just isn't for me, but I do like their breakfast. So after that I fell asleep in the car as my parents switched driving. When we finally got to the airport we pretty much just sat around until it was time to get our tickets and then we sat around some more until it was time to board. Oh but I totally got yelled at for trying to take a picture of this giant beef jerky at one of the Duty Free stores.

On the plane I watched a lot of movies and tv shows. They had an episode of Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother and I just love those two shows! I believe I slept no more that 3 hours on the plane :( I'm not sure what it is but I can't sleep on planes.


Next week I'll say what we did on our first day there! Have a great weekend everyone!

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