April 4, 2011

Whats Up? -March Update

Hey everyone! So sorry for not blogging lately. So this past month (March) has been crazy hectic. Here's what I've done. In the beginning of the month I had DECA, which is a business competition, basically like BPA but somewhat different. My partner and I placed 8th out of twenty something groups in district (back in January) and then for state we didn't place at all :( but that's okay cause nationals are the same weekend as prom and we wanted to go to prom rather than competing. However, nationals are going to be in Orlando, Florida!!!

Then I had a skin disease all of the month of March, its not deathly nor contagious, according to the doctor it some viral thing...pityriasis rosea. It SUCKED!!! I had to wear sweatshirts and turtle necks for like 2 weeks and then I went tanning and it got better!

For those who don't know my birthday was in March and it was a lot of fun, I turned 17 and well basically this past weekend I finally finished celebrating! The weekend of my birthday I spent the day with my family and I actually blogged about it and the weekend after that I went out to dinner with a bunch of my friends and then we came back to my house and had a dance party and then the weekend after that I had a sleepover with a few of my closest and bestest friends in the entire world...BUT...I got sick with strep! So the weekend of my sleepover I was pretty much dead, and the medicine the doctor gave me was horrible! I don't know if any of you have had strep but you honestly don't want it. You can't swallow and your uvula gets sooo swollen that it feels like you're suffocating-not a pleasant feeling. But I missed the following Monday and I went to school the rest of the week except Friday (March 31) because.....IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING BREAK!!! Yayyy!!! Actually I went home early on Thursday because I had a test I didn't want to take so my parents let me skip...shhhh!!.

And right now I'm enjoying spring break from the comforts of my home town and so far it has been raining every single day except yesterday it was sunny and 70 degrees outside! The only bad thing is that all of my friends are in Florida and we couldn't go anywhere because I'm borderline failing physics.  If you guys can don't take that class! Everyone says its easy but I think something is wrong with me because I think it's the hardest class everrrrrr!

But that's basically everything that's happened with me during the month of March.

See you guys soon,
<3 AliP

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