March 16, 2011

Birthday Blog!!

Hey you guys! So my birthday was today and I turned 17!!! I'm soo excited...I mean who wouldn't be-I can finally watch rated R movies, haha.  Well I'm just gonna tell you what I did today and how I celebrated my birthday.

So I'm a morning person and I got up around seven in the morning and just lounged around in bed and checked my email and Twitter and this blog. Then my parents came into my room when the woke up with balloons and a gift bag. In the bag was a little jewelry box with some $$$ in it. Can anyone say SHOPPING?!? Then my dad told me to go down and bring something out of his car and when I opened the garage door.......MY CAR HAD TINTED WINDOWS!! As crazy as this may sound that was pretty much the only thing I wanted for my birthday! So after breakfast I went tanning and shopping with my mom. However I didn't want to spend any of the money I got so I only browsed. (My mom did get me a bra through but party because I needed one and we had a coupon for VS).

When we got home from the mall my grandparents came over. Since I didn't tell them what I wanted for my birthday they too got me money. Soon after that we headed over to Sullivan's Steakhouse for dinner. I don't eat steak often because it isn't too healthy for you but it's one of my favorite types of food. At Sullivan's I got a Filet Mignon with a baked potato on the side and since it was my birthday they brought me cheesecake. Oh I forgot to tell you that I can LIVE OFF of baked potatoes, I seriously LOVEEEEE them!
After dinner we went back to my house and played Just Dance 2 on the Wii, yes my grandma played with us!! Then we had my birthday cake (Black Forest) with some tea/coffee and I went to bed cause I had school in the morning.

But with all this extra money I don't really know what to get. There's soooooo much stuff I want but we might be going to Paris this summer and I would absolutely love to go shopping there, so I don't really know what to do!!


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