September 2, 2012

I'm Not Quite Sure What It Is But I'm Excited!

Hey everyone!! So today I got on Twitter and I noticed I had a new follower....@_ZaZumi_

Me being the person I am, I like seeing who my followers are and "getting to know them" so once I clicked on their profile it said they were a website that sells designer 90 percent off!!! That's all I saw and I was hooked. Designer clothes and 90 percent off are two of my favorite things and now they are being put together!! So I went onto their website and because they haven't officially launched yet I went ahead and signed up to join their invite list. I haven't been accepted yet but I keep checking my e-mail, because OMGGGGG amd I excited for this!!! I want to say this is like which also sells designer clothing for less but this seems to be geared more toward the younger crown, and by younger I mean young adult (college years).

Anyways everyone should go ahead and sign up to become members and follow them on twitter @_ZaZumi and as soon as they launch I'm going to go shopping crazy!!

See ya loves,

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