August 18, 2012

I Got A Facial!

Hey everyone! So I have been wondering what to blog about and I just recently went and got a facial done so I figured why not blog about that experience!

So the spa that I went to for my facial is also the one that I go to to get my eye brows done and it just so happens that the lady that waxes my eyebrows is also certified in giving facials and I definitely wanted her to clean up my face. I was a little late to the spa so when I got there she was already waiting for me and we got settled in right away. I laid down on the chair and she offered my a blanket (I said no thanks but she insisted) and she got right into taking off all the make up I had on - I did just come from work...after she took my make up she washed and scrubbed my face and all the products she used smelled heavenly and it all felt lovely on my skin.  Next she applied a face mask and on top of the face mask she put what felt like saran wrap (probably was) and then two hot towels over that and left it there for a few minutes.  This is one of my least favorite parts because it always makes me feel very claustrophobic!!!!

After the face mask it was time for the most dreaded part...the extraction....all I can say is OOOOOWWWW!! When she first started this process something wasn't going right so she put this bracelet on my hand and then used a tool all over my face, I think she said something about using electrolytes to reduce the pain but I'm not really sure, the bracelet did poke me several times but it was manageable. Once that was done it was time for take 2 of the extraction. Starting at my nose she tried to unclog my pore and then she moved on to my cheeks and then forehead and chin. After using her hands she decided it would be more productive to use some tools, these tools feel like needles poking you and something else that I don't even know how to explain. When this torture was over she applied some healing masks or washes and then used a blue light to help my skin. If anyone knows that the electrolyte machine does or this blue light thing I would love to know!

You're supposed to have pretty glowy skin after a facial right? Yeah, WRONG. Mine was nice and red with marks where she used the tools to extract the gunk from my pores and now a few days have gone by and my nose is peeling and my cheek is back to being clogged. But I have been thinking about getting microdermbrasion done, what do you think? It takes off the top layer of skin and is supposed to help with acne scars and all that....we'll see....

If you're wondering I know a great tip that helps with acne and acne scars. If you take apple cider vinegar and soak a cotton ball or a wad off paper and press it against what you want gone for a few minutes it will seriously help...A LOT!

I would love to know about your facials or if you have any questions about my facial just comment below!!

-Ali Parker

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