June 25, 2012

Diary of a Shopaholic

Dear Diary,
Where do I even begin? Oh yeah...at the part where I spend every single day of my life spending money. Why is it I have to buy everything I see? Did I really need that new swimsuit? No! I have a drawer full of swimsuits that I don't wear. It seems as though lately I have a hit an all time low and I spend like crazy.
Although I have a job I'm saving that money for college and my "spending" account, so to speak, is running loooow...meaning I have NO money. Zip. Nada. Zeroo. If anyone has any tips on how to save your money and not spend it all on food or clothing or things you absolutely don't need then please share because I am dying to know! Does anyone know what Lululemon is? It is this athletic store with the cutest clothing ever!! Of course it's super pricey but OMGJGJOJGSDJGOD I want everything there! Definitely check out their website it is lululemon.com and I am OBSESSED with it!

See you next week,

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