November 29, 2010

Boys Boys Boys: Hooking Up

Who here likes a guy? MEEEEEEE!
Does he like you back? YESSSS!!
Whats the problem? HE ONLY WANTS A HOOK UP!
WTFF is up with every guy I like only wanting to hook up and not a relationship?
I swear guys these days are scared of commitments or something!

Yes I have been in a friends with benefits relationship and yes it ended with me being heartbroken but that's only because I was attached from the beginning. So if you know that you won't get emotionally attached then go ahead and have fun BUT if you're a hopless romantic like me....DON'T RISK IT. It really isn't worth it...okay maybe sometimes it is. All we girls want is some honest and love not hearbreak and lies!

Email me or comment in the comments box if this has ever happened to you!


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